This is the overall practice that my law firm handles. It encompasses everything from slip and fall injuries to medical malpractice, from premises liability to product liability, from dog bites to car accidents, and any other injury that a person may sustain through the negligence of others. Basically put, if you have been injured you should consult with an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury attorney right away to determine if you have a legal claim against the negligent party.

While our office is conveniently located near the West Palm Beach courthouse, we do take cases across the State of Florida. Of course we offer a free initial consultation to review your case. During this consultation we will learn more about you and what you hope to accomplish. We encourage all of our clients to use this time to learn more about us and the way we operate. Please ask as many questions as you can think of. After all the hiring of a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer is a serious event and you should have complete faith and comfort in the law firm that you choose to hire. We understand if we are not a good fit in your eyes and we are okay with that. What is most important at this juncture is to get you back to as close as possible to where you were prior to your injuries. If you have the comfort level in our expertise and we feel that this is a case that we want to take on, during this meeting we will develop a strategy to move forward. Even if you make a list of every question that you have I am certain that you will have many more questions along the way. Please feel free to call us, email us, or schedule and appointment. We strive to provide the personal service that you would expect from a family member or a friend. If we are in court or with another client, we will return your email or phone call within 24 hours so you are not left wondering about your case.