We have all tripped or slipped at one time or another in our lives. Hopefully when this happened you were not seriously injured as a result of this accident. As a West Palm Beach premises liability attorney, I help people who have been injured while on the property of someone else. Our law firm handles are sorts of premises liability claims ranging from slip and falls to inadequate security measures.

When a person visits an establishment the owner of that business and the owner of the property have an affirmative duty to ensure that the property is in a manner that is safe for their guests. When they fail to do this, they are putting their guests’ safety in danger. If someone were to become injured due to their failure of providing a safe environment they can and should be held to answer for their negligence. For example, if a restaurant has carpet that is tearing a patron could easily fall and become seriously injured. I understand that the economy may not be going well and the business may not want to invest money into it, but they must provide a safe environment for their clientele. Putting finances ahead of someone’s safety is just unacceptable. Another example of cases that we are seeing more and more of in this tough economy is businesses that cut back on providing security in areas that are known as high crime. This could be as simple as a business that does not even take the effort to properly light their back parking lot or as egregious as one that cuts their payroll by laying off necessary security guards. Whether the business and property owner were too lazy to install proper lighting measures or they were putting their own profits ahead of the safety of their guests, when a person is hurt they need to seek the guidance of a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer.